Bedding & Litter

Petlife Safebed Paper Flakes small animal bedding are a Very Finely Shredded Coloured Paper Bedding And Nesting Material For All Your Small Pets.


Nestex This Natural Viscose Fibre Bedding With Its Fine Texture Is A Perfect Snug And Warm Choice For All Small Animals Including Guinea Pigs Hamsters Mice And Gerbils.


Small rounded durable plastic hamster house that can be fitted on to the side of the cage.It has a removable roof and a front opening for easy access making cleaning simple.Suitable for smaller rodents such as Hamsters, Gerbils and Mice.


Dust extracted meadow hay by local company Norfolk Pastures


Fine soft barely straw for small furries to burrow and sleep prepacked in 2kg bags


Dust extracted, fine, fluffy flakes.

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