The Ancol Tennis Ball With Nylon Strap allows you to throw long distances, making for a more satisfying game of fetch while being easier on the arm. Colours vary.


The Training Dummy is the classic product for retrieval training. It is brightly coloured, making it highly visible and easy for dogs to find. It comes with a small rope attached so you can throw long distances with ease. Different sizes available.


Empty Nester has no stuffing inside, so it feels more real. Easy to pick up and fetch for the retrieving dogs, and nice for a good ol' shake up for the terriers. Two squeakers inside - in head and tummy. The added bonus is there's no filling to get pulled


Perfect retrieval toy Great training aid Colour may vary. Length 61cm


Heavy duty cotton toy in bright and distinctive colours Help to look after teeth and gums Great for your dog to use as a chew - also makes a great tug toy. Also available in Medium and Extra Large.


Foobler is the world's first electronic timed treat puzzle feeder! a great way to improve a dog's activity and health as it can be used as a stimulating treat puzzle or an interactive feeder.


Good Boy Tennis Ball Large 120mm (4.75")


A Gorrrrilla is a hard rubber chew toy with a hollow centre. Made of high quality non-toxic rubber, it works as a puzzle and play toy for dogs. Medium or large.


Soft rubber massages gums and teeth Perfect for games of fetch Ideal for larger breeds 18 x 18 x 18 cm


Happy Pet Hoop La Hoop is a brightly coloured throwing ring that is great for games of fetch with your dog. Colours will vary. 21cm


Solid rubber dog ball.These items are tough but not indestructible and it is recommended that they are used for play under supervision. Available in 60mm and 70mm. Colour may vary.


The Nobbly Wobbly from Happy Pet is a clever toy which is a little different to other ball toys. It is made from high-quality rubber, interwoven into a shape which will both baffle and fascinate your dog.


Just because your dog doesnt love to bath, it doesnt mean that it will not love a Vinyl Duck Dog Toy. These bright and funky ducks will make great toys for you and your dog to play with!


The totally cool Cool Kong is a floating retrieval toy that performs well on land or in water. Available in Medium & Large.


All natural, puncture resistant rubber. Recommended for most adult dogs. Super bouncy and chewer friendly. Cleans teeth, conditions gums. Recommended by Veterinarians, Trainers & Dog Professionals. Available in Medium, Large & Extra Large.

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