Cat Litter & Accessories

A high quality cat litter tray from Armitage Pet Care. High quality durable plastic. Easy to clean. Approx measurements: 40 x 30 x 9cm.


Catsan Hygiene offers extra mineral protection for extra-reliable cat hygiene. Individual grains of fine chalk and natural quartz sand soak up fluid like a sponge, to inhibit bacteria formation and absorb odours before they can develop


Johnson's Puppy and Kitten House Trainer is an invaluable product to anybody house training a puppy or kitten. 150ml


Combats and eliminates bacteria Ultra hygienic Superior Odour control Non-clumping 99% Dust free


Made from the pure natural mineral Bentonite for its unique water absorption and odour controlling characteristics. Every granule can hold moisture up to 125% its own weight and neutralizes ammonia. Available in 10kg and 20Kg.


The Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter from Pettex is a superb cat litter made from recycled pine fresh wood pellets which are highly absorbent, light to handle and easy to dispose of. 15Litres. Also available in 30litres.


Armitage Cat Litter Tray Tray Liners, the hygienic way to dispose of cat litter. Medium or large.


The Trixie litter scoop is a plastic scoop that removes any soiled litter, leaving the clean litter to sieve through the small gaps in the scoop.

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