Ancol Ergo Comb Coarse is designed to gently tease through the coat without damaging the animal's skin. This comb is suitable for coarse coats.


Ergo large double sided brush, nylon bristle one side and round polished pins the other. Ergonomically designed handled pet brushes. Ideal for curly/short/wiry/long and silky coat types


Ancol Ergo Flea Comb is a very fine toothed comb for the removal of fleas, eggs and larvae.


Guillotine Dog Nail Clippers Made from tempered steel Features cutting guard Ergonomic easy grip nail clippers Instructions included


Ancol Ergo Large Dog Nail Clippers are scissor action trimmers for your dogs nails.


Ancol Ergo Maxi Knot Buster is an extremely useful tool for use whilst dog grooming. With a comfortable ergonomic grip, the Maxi Knot Buster has sharp, hooked blades that will gently cut through tough knots and tangles


The Ancol Ergo 'hard' Universal slickers are super tough wired slicker brushes. Excellent for grooming curly/short/wiry/long/and silky coat types.


The stainless steel blade will trim and thin your dogs coat in a fraction of the time it used to take with a brush or shedding blade.


The Ancol Ergo Moulting Comb is perfect for keeping the coat in good shape during the moulting season.


Ancol Ergo Pin Brush features an ergonomically designed handle for ease of use and extra comfort. Long, round, polished pins will gently stimulate your dogs skin as this brush removes any dead skin cells and pulls out dead, uncomfortable hairs.


The Ergo Shedmaster for dogs is a revolutionary new grooming tool designed to groom your dog faster and with less fuss. The Shed Master quickly removes loose and dead hair and reduces grooming time by 75%.


Suitable for the smaller dogs whose claws are in need of a nail trim. Made from tempered steel, the ancol range of scissors and nail clippers are specifically designed for cats, dogs and other pets. They are made of quality durable materials.


Ancol Wooden Handle Double Sided Brush For Cats And Dogs. A Large Very Useful Double Sided Brush With One Side Of Pins And One Side Of Bristles Designed To Be Suitable For Different Variations Of Grooming. Available in small and large.


A specially formulated, fragrance free shampoo for sensitive skin with added vitamins and conditioners that helps leave your dog's coat clean, soft and healthy. 250ml


Dirty Dawg is a mild no-rinse dog shampoo spray that helps to effectively remove dirt and odour from your dog's coat and is great for use between washes.

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