Ancol Acticat Plastic Playground is the ultimate play station for your cat. The translucent ball track provides fun while your cat chases the ball around. The pompom toy has a spring motion for additional fun.


Catnip filled faux fur mice, an old favourite that cats adore. Pull the cord and watch them go !


Catit Design Senses Catnip spray is a concentrated extract of pure catnip. It provides your cat with maximum fun and excitement. Spray on toys, scratching posts, and other play areas to attract and entice your cat. 90ml


The KONG Kickeroo is a super sized catnip Body pillow that will drive your cats wild with delight. Designs vary. Approximate Size: L:11 x W: 4 (inches)


Plush ball with feather tail Rattle sound stimulates play Assorted patterns


Contains KONG's premium North American catnip Features a rattle and unique tail that makes a "crackle" sound Appeals to cat's desire to stalk and capture prey


The Petstages Double Kitten Wand will get your young cat jumping for joy as they try and catch the catnip filled toys.


The Jolly Moggy Mr Mouse Teaser is sure to keep you and your cat entertained. Consists of a catnip filled mouse toy on a wand.


Allow your kitty to indulge in the ultimate stretch and scratch session with this sturdy scratching post!


This catnip from America is premium organically grown catnip.

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