The Timberwolf domino is a sofa style bed with sides for support. The outer is in a rich chocolate faux suede and the inner is in contrasting beige faux suede. The inner cushion is removable and reversible and machine washable at 30 degrees.


Danish Design Hunter Tweed Box Dog Duvet - Green/Brown. With it's subtle blend of warm earth colours with tweed/faux suede textures, the Hunter Tweed Box Duvet provides a luxurious, comfortable bed. 88 x 67 x 14cm


Made from a durable bite resistant plastic, the Microwaveable Heat Pad contains Thermapol, a non-toxic heat retaining solution, ensuring up to 12 hours of warmth. Ideal for: Winter; Newborns; Convalescing pets; Elderly pets.


Vetbed® is machine washable and quick drying with benefits for both young and old animals. It has a ¾ - 1" pile height that allows excellent heat retention and unique drainage properties enabling it to remain dry even after 'little accidents'.


Soft and cosy, over-stuffed round beds, perfect for your dog to snuggle up in. Fleece inside, hardwearing materials outside, these new beds are a great addition to any home.


These cosy Teal Quilted Oval Dog Beds from Ancol, will keep your dog super comfy and warm.


The sturdy outer fabric is waterproof and hardy, making this bed ideal for the garden, outdoor run, or kennel.


Unique crown design with 4 pillows for extra comfort. Machine washable. Made from cotton and hemp and stuffed with recycled plastic bottles. Natural fibres mean our beds are hypoallergenic. Wicks moisture. 4 sizes available. Colours vary.


These colourful and fun dogs beds are designed to offer durability and comfort


The Joint-Ease Memory Mattress features a thick memory foam crumb cushion for superior support, making this bed ideal for older and stiff dogs.

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