Clic leg rings for hens. Leg rings help you to identify individual birds or hatch groups and are an essential accessory for keeping any type of bird in volume. The 16mm size is ideal for large fowl. Colour may vary.


This adjustable brooder ring is lightweight and easy to set-up and clean. Made from corrugated plastic, you simply secure with clips provided and hang heat lamp above for a secure draught free environment for your chicks. 3 metres in length and 45cm high.


Correct temperature control is essential for chick rearing. This Brooder Thermometer has a temperature range of -10 to +50C and is also marked in weeks in order to indicate the temperatures to rear young chicks under a brooder lamp.


The Chicktec Superflash is a high quality candling lamp suitable for checking poultry eggs. Integral push-button momentary/latching on/off switch, the candler can be used on most standard types of egg, unless very dark in colour or thick shells.


Infrared heat lamp bulb 240v/250 Watt


3X6 Plain Egg Boxes, Shrink Wrapped Pk 24 Boxes.


A pack of four natural looking rubber eggs. Use in the nest box to keep your girls laying or to encourage young birds to start. They can also help to break the nasty habit of 'egg eating'.


ETON Robust Aluminium Feed Scoop - length 310mm| 1Kg (2lb) / 1000ml.


High quality durable plastic feed scoop.


Long-life design. Switch for high and low power operation


The Turnock Heatlamp comes complete with reflector, guard, 2m long chain

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