This chicken drinker has an anti-perch pointed dome. It is made from heavy duty, high density, ultra-violet resistant plastic. Suitable for poultry and chicks.


Ideal automatic drinker for poultry show cages and pens or avaries. Comes with mounting bracket. Fits to side of cage or other sufaces with its screw tight fixing. Cup Size Aprox: Length 45mm, Width 40mm Depth 40mm This drinker uses 10mm pipe which


Zinc plated for protection against rust and then attractively painted to add colour to your coop bucket drinker, 4lt


Easy to assemble, Locking translucent drinker with plastic hanging handle. For Chicks/Quail/Aviary


These nipple drinkers are suitable for a wide variety of different bird and animals species.


Cage Cups ~ Available in a variety of colours and are ideally suited to a wide range of purposes. Colour may vary.


Made of galvanised steel which gives the bucket drinker a very long lifespan. Material: Galvanised Steel. Capacity: 12 Litres. This bucket drinker has a large capacity and is incredibly easy to fill and transport.


Tough and durable plastic drinker designed for chickens and game birds. 10litres


A robust plastic drinker, suitable for chicks, quail and smaller poultry. A robust plastic base with 7 drinking holes and a screw fitting in order to attach a standard plastic drink bottle (not included).


Manufactured from heavy duty high density ultra-violet resistant plastic, the Stockshop Poultry Super Drinker features a carry handle, adjustable legs and an anti-perch dome.

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