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Ancol Carrot Cruncher is a great wooden treat for satisfying your smaller pet's natural urge to chew. Made from non-toxic wood, the treat has been designed to give your pet a great workout whilst ensuring they have healthy, hygienic teeth.


These colourful, wooden chew toy`s are for Rabbits & Guinea pigs, Hamsters & Ferrets. Not only will they keep teeth healthy and short, but will also provide stimulation and encourage exercise.


The Ancol Just4Pets food ball is a hygienic metal wire ball for hay, carrots, fruit etc which helps to relieve boredom. The food ball is ideal for Rabbits, Guniea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils etc.


Underworld Critters Choice Extra Large Chube - A novel, practical and environmentally friendly way of providing small animals with not only a place to hide, but also a means of chewing and gnawing.


For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and other small furries.Satisfies your pet s desire to seek shelter and gnaw. Natural vegetable parchment. Approximate Measurements: (L) 23cm (D) 13cm.


The Happy Pet Cheesy Chew provides small pets with a fun activity centre. The cheesy chew is made from a safe wood which small pets can really get their teeth into to satisfy their natural desire to gnaw!


This triangular wooden rattler from Happy Pets will be enjoyed by all small pets.


Essential pumice stone. The nibbling block offers a safe way to naturally file down your small animal's teeth. Helping to prevent boredom, they last longer than wood chews and won't splinter.


The Nature First Willow Tube is perfect for small pets who love to have somewhere sheltered for a sense of privacy. 32cm


100% Natural Willow Great for playing and hiding Keeps teeth trim Perfect for small animals


100% Natural and good for teeth and gums, the Alfalfa Carrot is irresistible to chew with renowned, therapeutic properties and pesticide-free!


Small nesting areas for smaller animals and a wire treat holder for all Simple wood treats, safe and non toxic for the chewers


The Ring Tree Gnaw is perfect for gnawing, nibbling, and adding interest to your pet’s environment.


Fun play and chew toy for all small animals made from natural materials and dyes


Interactive, textured hanging toy suitable for all small animals

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