Horse Fly & Sun Protection

Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent is a specially formulated non-sting product designed to offer long-lasting comprehensive protection from midge bites. 500ml


Gels are ideal for more awkward areas such as the sheath, head, under the belly and backs of the heels. 500ml


Natural Fly Repellent With avocado coat conditioner Helps protect against midge bite Stops the need to rub. Does not contain citronella oil or vinegar. 1 litre.


Carr & Day & Martin Flygard is a gentle yet effective long-lasting summer spray for horses and ponies that contains citronella. 500ml


Extra strength formula contains an optimum level of 20% deet for powerful, long lasting protection. Repels midges and flying insects. Now with Equimist 360 technology for easy application. 500ml


The Killitch Sweet Itch lotion is a fully licensed and scientifically proven treatment to prevent and treat recurrent cases of equine Sweet Itch. 500ml


Sweet Itch Lotion Protective Insecticidal Lotion Alleviates & Prevents Sweet Itch Effective Formulation Soothes & Calms Skin 500ml


Invaluable from spring to autumn, offering a cover for sensitive muzzles that will not rub off like sun lotion. Simple hook and loop straps attach to a headcollar and it is easily removed for quick and easy washing.


Made from heavy good quality cotton yarn. This fly veil will attach to the head collar or bridle. Good quality at an economical price. One size fits all.


NAF Off Citronella Spray is a completely safe and effective solution which provides all-round protection from such flying pests as midges, mosquitos and flies. It is a concentrated solution which provides long-lasting summer protection for horses coats.


Net-Tex Fly Repellent Advanced Spray is an effective, long lasting formulation blended with DEET in a slow release blend of conditioners and moisturisers to enhance longevity. One application will last up to three days against most flying insects. 500ml


Nettex Fly Spray is the original formula offering 24 hours protection with one application. Contains deet and conditioners in a formula that has a slow evaporation rate. 500ml


Net-Tex Equine Fly Cream is a soft, readily absorbed, non-greasy cream that contains effective fly repellent DEET and skin moisturisers. Pure Lanolin and Glycerine provides a barrier against adverse weather conditions. 600ml


Summer Freedom Salve Complete will help relieve horses and ponies that suffer with midge related conditions. This lightly textured cream will absorb easily into the horses mane, tail and skin and will work instantaneously, ensuring maximum protection.


A fine mesh fly veil featuring air stream fabric ears to offer excellent protection against small flies and midges.

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