This product gives the convenience of 4-Way locking control with a trimmable door liner for neat, easy installation in most applications. Available in brown or white.


Electromagnetic Cat Flap - Helps Keeps stray pets out. These proven products use a super compact collar magnet to guarantee instant entry for selected cats and to help keep stray pets out.


This economically priced cat flap with uncompromised quality is particularly recommended for thin panel doors and screens to 13mm thick. White or brown.


Made from a durable bite resistant plastic, the Microwaveable Heat Pad contains Thermapol, a non-toxic heat retaining solution, ensuring up to 12 hours of warmth. Ideal for: Winter; Newborns; Convalescing pets; Elderly pets.


There is no better place to curl up and sleep. The warmth of the radiator is radiated into the comfyrad and cats love it!


Easy to use, secure double point 4 way locking cat flap

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