Control & Training Aids

A dual lead attachment designed to walk two dogs on one lead, couples are approximately 20 cm long.


A dog whistle is an important tool for the serious dog trainer. This constant whistle maintains a constant frequency, regardless of how hard you blow. Lanyard included.


Combines strength and comfort Easy to fit Washable and hygienic It fits well and allows the dog to drink and pant easily


Dual lead attachment designed to walk two dogs on one lead.


Ancol Tie Out Stake will screw easily into the grass and secure your dog.


An excellent training product for teaching young and exuberant dogs basic control techniques. Addition of a free collar safety link which will keep your dog under control should it free itself of the halter. Select from 4 Sizes


Company of Animals Coachi Pro Train & Treat Bag is a practical treat bag for training on the move!


A wide opening allows easy access to treats, while the drawstring closure ensures that it is rain and dog proof! There is a separate zipped compartment on the back of the treat bag. Colour may vary.


The Coachi Training Dummy is a classic padded style toy, which is great for softer mouthed dogs.


Johnsons Anti-Chew helps deter destructive chewing, deters self-harm and bitter-tasting, yet harmless to pets. Size: 150ml


Johnson's Puppy and Kitten House Trainer is an invaluable product to anybody house training a puppy or kitten. 150ml


Easy blowing, high tone dog whistle, fitted with solid, waterproof pea, to give a trill for those who want a distinctive and different sound.


A robust 210.5 pitch Dog Whistle with a single pitch of 4850 hz. Ideal for dog training where pitch and consistancy is important.


The Pet Corrector 50ml by The Company of Animals is harmless training tool to discourage unwanted behaviour in your pet. 50ml

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