Bed Down Rapasorb



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Rapasorb is more absorbent than conventional straw and it is also very durable, warm and comfortable ensuring that your horse will be happy and safe when stabled. Unlike conventional straw products Rapasorb is naturally unpalatable and so it is suitable for horses that are on a restricted diet.  Rapasorb is also a great alternative to more expensive Hemp and Flax products.

Rapasorb is made from sustainable rape straw which will degrade in 3-6 months.  As Rapasorb is highly absorbent waste is kept to a minimum making your muck heap smaller.

Bed-Down Rapasorb is also great for poultry and game birds

How to use Rapasorb
Rapasorb works best by establishing a bed of between 3-4  as this will allow the wet to filter through to the base and the top will stay dry and clean.  Rapasorb can be mucked out fully daily but for the best and most economical result follow below:

To Start  Use approximately 6 bales (12 x 12 stable) to start the bed.  This will make a deep and comfortable bed.

Daily  Remove droppings on a daily basis and tidy bed.

Weekly  Remove the wet patch and top up the bed with fresh Rapasorb.

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