Vermin Control

Bora Rat Bait Stations are the used to protect rodent poisons from children, pets (non-target species) and the weather. 325 x 255 x 155mm and is a lockable and supplied with 1 key.


It works! Catches flies by the thousand! Flies attracted by smell-once inside they cannot escape and perish. The non toxic bait activated by sunlight so warmer weather-more flies-the better the trap works.


A traditional alternative to chemical or toxic solutions. Highly effective, this Mole Trap benefits from features that make it superior to other similar-looking pincer-type devices.


Simple tip-and-trap mechanism for easy setting. Value-added, baited and ready-to-use twin pack. Locking bar to ensure that no escape is possible. Welfare-friendly trap that does not harm the mouse.


INSECTO Fly Sticky Paper is a very useful non-toxic trap for capturing flies. It is highly effective & designed to be very easy to use.


The conventional style break-back trap that is so easy to set and extremely powerful. Fast and humane action. Triggered when the mouse touches the treadle plate trying to reach the bait.


Ruby Grain 25 contains the multi feed active Difenacoum that gives users the confidence to treat a rodent infestation in more sensitive areas/ homes where pets, animals and children may also frequent.


Insecticidal powder for the control of ants, woodlice, cockroaches, earwigs and other crawling insects.

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