Health & Hygiene

Suitable for Birds, Tortoises,Turtles,Landsnails etc Can help with keeping Tortoises,Turtles,Birds beak trimmed and provide a source of calcium. 8-10"long. 1Kg


These larger sized perch covers are suitable for cockatiels, parrots, and other large cage birds and will fit all 1.9cm diameter perches. Pack of 4.


Smaller sized perch covers suitable for budgies, canaries, and other small cage birds .


Convenient and hygienic, Kagesan Bird Cage Sand Sheets help keep your pet birds cage clean and tidy. Simply remove the used sand sheet and replace with a new sanded sheet twice a week for complete cage hygiene. Available in a variety of sizes, fitting


Manufactured from superfine sand, grit and shell. As birds do not have teeth, cage birds need to eat grit. When in the gizzard, the grit acts as the bird's teeth, and performs the grinding actions necessary to make their food digestible.


Suitable for all types of caged birds. It is specially blended from superfine, soft sand, and fine, crushed oyster shell. 2.5kg


Cuttle fish bone with holder is natural product with essential calcium. Supplementary food that supports beak care.


Two cuttlefish clips on blister card - tough & reliable. Made in GB.


Branch perch is made from 100% natural wood and is easy to attach to any cage.


Husk Puzzler, made of all natural products and also has cuttlebones to help keep beaks & claws trim.


Measurements: 35 cm x 10-12 mm Contents: 2 pcs.

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