Health, Hygiene & Grooming

The Small Animal Bristle Brush is made from soft nylon and is ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs. Simple to use with an Ancol ergonomic handle. Also good for brushing cats/dogs delicate faces or ears.


Fine teeth for styling Double sided Course teeth untangles matted hair Removes dirt and loose hair Promotes a healthy coat


Grooming is important with any animal and it's vital that their nails especially are maintained to a size that is healthy and won't pose a danger to themselves, owner or other animals. Ergonomically designed.


Penetrates base of coat without scratching Eases knots and tangles Air cushioned pins Removes dirt and lose hair Promotes a healthy coat


Entirely non-toxic and contains a safe-carrier that does not cause carcinogenic effects. Totally safe and designed to be applied directly to all animals. It is suitable for use in organic farming systems. 500g


Quick and easy spray to clean the areas of the home where your pet lives. A multi-functional solution and will: Disinfect; Clean away surface dirt; Kill bacteria and viruses. Deodorise, leaving a clean, fresh fragrance. 500ml


Essential pumice stone. The nibbling block offers a safe way to naturally file down your small animal's teeth. Helping to prevent boredom, they last longer than wood chews and won't splinter.


Supa Small Animal Salt Lick


This SnuggleSafe heat pad is recommended and used by vets, breeders, animal rescues, and animal shelters all over the world! It's not just for cuddling, but is also perfect for pets who are ill, for newborns and for nursing pets.

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