100 x Lacme IVA electric fencing insulator for wires, ropes and 12mm tapes.


Signed to accept all the DP range electric fence energisers and act as an earth stake at the same time.


An essential tool to help maintain an effective electric fence.


Use to enable a 9v energiser to run off a 12v battery. The spring clip ends fir easily and securely to the pillar type battery terminals for maximum connectivity.


Pair of crocodile clips 1 x red 1 x green for general spare/replacement.


For real portability the Duo 6 is hard to beat. Ideal for Equestrian weekend-away use it can run off 4 x internal D-Cell batteries or off the 12v caravan/horsebox battery


High Visibility Ideal for short or temporary paddock dividing or grazing fence lines. White. 6mmx200m


Comprises elasticated electric rope extendable from 3m to 6m fitted with unique insulated gate handle one end and connection hook the other.


According to VDE-rule a warning sign must be placed every 50m on all electric fencing installation close to public rights of way. Pack of 5.


Energiser to fence lead for wire or max 20mm tape.


Energiser to fence lead for wire or max 40mm tape.


Ideal for line start/ends, subdivisions as well as gateways. Pk2


Open weave tape to allow air to pass through& reduce whipping All stainless steel wires for durability Ideal for short fences in good condition.


Similar construction to the Super Gate Handle but with a special clamp end fitting which can accept tapes up to 40mm wide.


Insulator for wires, cords and tapes up to 20mm wide. Ring reinforced against shocks. Rounded edges to protect the conductors.

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