Food & Treats

Suitable for Birds, Tortoises,Turtles,Landsnails etc Can help with keeping Tortoises,Turtles,Birds beak trimmed and provide a source of calcium. 8-10"long. 1Kg


Seed Bells for Canaries, Linnets, Finches etc. Selected seeds with honey. Individually wrapped. 34g


Seed Bells for Budgies & Parakeets. (NEW size 40% more seed) Individually wrapped bells made with selected seeds and honey designed to cheer up any Budgie.34g


A compound feed stuff for mixed Aviaries containing several bird species. 12.75kg


Johnston & Jeff's Cockatiel and Parakeet Mix is specially formulated for these small Parrot species and is a complete foodstuff.


The Expert Budgerigar blend is specifically formulated for budgies.


The perfect seed for canaries. It is soft and easily digestible and high in both protein and required fats.


Highly suited for small topical finches


Johnston & Jeff Parakeet Mix is a quality everyday mixture suitable as the base of a diet for most Parakeets. Suitable For, Cockatiel, Conure (Small), Quaker, Meyers, Parrotlets and Senegals.


Super Budgie Seed is a 50/50 mix with only two ingredients, Canadian canary seed and USA white millet.


A complementary bird food treat that can be served alongside your pet bird's normal food. An excellent source of protein and rich in B Vitamins, an excellent source of additional nutrition, helping to keep your pet bird nourished and healthy. 1Kg


A complementary feed for optimal health in cage and aviary birds.


High quality and clean premium seed mix suitable for smaller Parrot species. 12.75kg


Perfect for insects such as beetles, cockroaches and millipedes, Komodo’s Jelly Pots are a convenient way to provide well nourished live food to reptiles.

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