Food & Treats

Suitable for Birds, Tortoises,Turtles,Landsnails etc Can help with keeping Tortoises,Turtles,Birds beak trimmed and provide a source of calcium. 8-10"long. 1Kg


Seed Bells for Canaries, Linnets, Finches etc. Selected seeds with honey. Individually wrapped. 34g


Seed Bells for Budgies & Parakeets. (NEW size 40% more seed) Individually wrapped bells made with selected seeds and honey designed to cheer up any Budgie.34g


A complementary bird food treat that can be served alongside your pet bird's normal food. An excellent source of protein and rich in B Vitamins, an excellent source of additional nutrition, helping to keep your pet bird nourished and healthy. 1Kg


Budgie 50/50 is a combination of 50% French White Millet and 50% Canary Seed. This traditional diet is widely used by breeders to satisfy a Budgie's basic nutritional needs throughout the year. 20Kg


FOREIGN FINCH, A good varied breeding mixture based on small panicum millet with white and red millet, plain canary and smaller amounts of Japanese millet and niger. 20Kg


A staple diet for canaries. Ingredients - Black Rape, Canary Seed, Egg Bisc, Hemp, Linseed Seed, Niger Seed, Red Millet,Soya Bean Oil. 20Kg


PARAKEET/COCKATIEL, Top selling mixture. Small striped sunflower is blended with canary seed, white millet, hemp, buckwheat, safflower, naked oats, clipped oats and red millet, for a highly nutritious diet. 20Kg


A complementary feed for optimal health in cage and aviary birds.


This is an extraordinary Parrot mix, designed to be the best there is, exactly what our birds need for richness, nutrition, palatability and interest. 12.75kg


Versele Laga Prestige Sticks Budgie Triple Variety is a pack of 3 delicious treat sticks of varying flavours, textures & nutritional value. All 3 of the sticks are seed based & oven baked but each has a unique addition whether it be honey, elderbe

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