Feeding Equipment

This millet perch has a handy treat holder so your bird can stand comfortably while enjoying their delicious treat. Colour may vary.


Cage Cups ~ Available in a variety of colours and are ideally suited to a wide range of purposes. Colour may vary.


An essential feeding accessory for birds and comes complete with hooks to secure onto their cage. Available in small and large. Plastic feeding bowl Easy to remove, clean and replace in cage. Comes complete with cage attachments.


Cuttle fish bone with holder is natural product with essential calcium. Supplementary food that supports beak care.


Komodo Twin Jelly Pot Holder is designed to fit Komodo' s jelly pots. The strong suction cups enable secure mounting in most habitats, ensuring that the pots remain in place and are not knocked into the substrate


Bolt on holder for extra security, ideal for food or water, for use with all pet birds, small animals and dog crates


Stainless steel Dishwasher safe Rust proof


Water and feed dispenser fits outside the cage. Automatically dispenses water or food as your bird requires.

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